Mobile + Emerging Technologies


From E-Governance to efficiently manage logistics, our Mobile app based  ERP system is equipped with intelligent engine to bring efficiency and effective in the system. Lets leverage mobile technology to bring complete transformation and responsiveness in the system .


We believe that city who use digital governance in collaboration with it’s citizen to become more intelligent, resilient and use resources more effectively to improve the quality of life with eco-efficient and re-naturalised system is smart city. NDMC ( New Delhi Municipal Corporation) has taken this initiative and  is using our mobile app based  Toilet Monitoring system to improve sanitation in the Capital. 

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A mobile Based Highway Maintenance and Monitoring System 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

INCKAH has the largest independent Highway Maintenance portfolio in the country. They  Operate and Maintain over 6000 lane kilometres of National Highways through our  Highway maintenance and Monitoring system ( INCAPP )