White Papers & Case Studies Related to our ERP Solutions and Products in Travel Technologies

We have placed some of our case studies here. It will help you to understand our capabilities, talent pool, our high standards and success stories related from simple to complex applications and functions along with strong Travel domain knowledge.


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Flight / Hotel /Holidays/ Car / Booking Engine with B2C, B2C , B2B2B, B2B2C Etc.

One of the most comprehensive  and practical  online travel agency portal offering airlines booking, holiday booking, hotel booking and MICE Booking engine. with complete back-office management system..

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Real time tour booking engine with unique algorithms to book tours in real time with all features .

This is a real time tour booking system where use can plan and book tour as per his or her  choice of flight / hotels / car and services.  This system is with complete back office operations software with one click booking system .

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Multi-supplier B2C Tour booking  portal where itineraries are supplied by  various suppliers 

As give to tourism ministry for 777 Himalayas , we can design provide multi vendors ( TOURS ) booking engine to book various tours with communication platform and get tour booked with various vendors .

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Travel E-commerce Solutions From Travel IT Specialist

We have designed complex activities booking engine with more than 15 layers of price algorithms. We are expert in designing B2C , B2B and B2E booking engine with multiple discounting and offer management.

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TRAVEL based Engine for Travel Website & Portal

We have designed user friendly TravelCMS dedicated to travel and tourism industry whereas all the components of your CMS are friendly enough to manage all relevant contents of your website just by filling a form.

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TravelCRM and Tour BackOffice Implementation

Travel CRM , TBO and other tools of Productivity has improved the bottom-line of several travel companies and also improved the satisfaction level among their clients.