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BSL Sprint ERP, ODOO Environment-as -a-service.

 As more organisations move to remote working, it  can be challenging for workers to be productive and keep team, work, process, projects, data, information controlled and sync. Allow us to make your company a better place. Adopt ERP on a public cloud at a significant low cost. ODOO has 4+ million user base


Will cyberspace is going to be the new normal for the future of work, play and everything in between after COVID-19? How our mindset about our work and life is going to change? How the way of doing business is going to change? Will work from home will be a new reality? Instead of Digitising should we go for digital transformation? How you are going to make your company extremely agile and flexible, and institutionally geared up to swiftly take advantage of new opportunities, rather than plotting a linear “safe” path towards a known objective? How will you FOCUS  on the forces of change that have high levels of certainty and predictability on your markets and value propositions, e.g., economic, regulatory, digital, consumer behaviour, competitive reaction? 

It can be challenging for business builders to be productive and keep team, work, process, projects, data, information controlled, secured and sync.  Let's adopt ERP on a public cloud at a significant low cost to manage this better.
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BSL Sprint ERP, ODOO Environment-as -a-service

( Manage your business  more effectively, Team, Process, Security,  and Efficiency)

ODOO  ERP Environment-As-A-Service offering, organization to  adopt ERP on a public cloud at a significant low cost.  

It is powered by ready environments that can quickly be deployed. 

BSL Sprint Provides secure and highly available ERP environments through our deep knowledge and expertise in Odoo ERP and cloud management services

We deliver business-enabling solutions that are quick to deploy across core enterprise processes such as finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain, sales, and distribution. .

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BSL Sprint ERP, ODOO Environment-as -a-service. Ask us now . 

When Extraordinary events overtake us, its time to do ordinary things extraordinarily Well   ODOO has 4+ million user base

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 Explained.   ODOO has 4+ million user base 

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Why you should go with us

Your business is critical. Need Reliability of application and platform. Need safeguard the system. We have also added custom applications along with it so that it is easy to implement with more features and cost is reduced to minimum level. 

We combine deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and best  delivery capabilities to drive breakthrough results. We can help your business by leveraging this capabilities   across all major industries   and in areas such as ERP implementation , cloud enablement, web security and mobility, through  value and innovation.