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We have placed some of our case studies here. It will help you to understand our capabilities, talent pool, our high standards and success stories related from simple to complex applications and implementaions along with strong  domain knowledge.

[ Here in PIC : Dr. K Chiranjeevi ( Tourism Minister - Govt. of India ) is  inaugurating 777 Incredible  Indian Himalaya Portal designed by us ]


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Advanced Adventure Activities booking Engine


Advanced tailor-made booking engine module to book your multiple activities at multiple destinations for web booking, corporate booking and on-site booking. Explore MODULES TO BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES / TICKETS EFFICIENTLY .  When you want to cater to people, personalization and professional approach and manage multiple activities booking at multiple destinations such as, on-site booking, back office corporate booking, web booking etc. through websites and inventory better at the same time.

  There are 3 layers of advantage of using our tools.

First layer is of efficiency engine.

Second layer is of control & decision support.

Third layer is cost management.

We create things with a passion. It’s all about you & making your team efficient, which is the Key to effectiveness. Highlighted underneath are a few points on how we can help you to improve your activities booking & destination management and enhance time saving:

  • Multi activities and Multi destinations booking is the Key
  • User behaviour oriented complex pricing model
  • Easiest and quickest way to book
  • Complex B2B and B2E models
  • Best inventory management with advanced reporting