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We understand that your talents,  experience and ambition to succeed is what really matters most. Working at us is a  real pleasure. Bharti Softlands' success has always come from a strong belief in the value of its employees and its dedication to their career satisfaction and well-being. Here, you are more than just another employee in just another large, faceless organization. Bharti Softland believe in collaborative innovation and recognizes you as a person with skills, needs, and aspirations. At Bharti Softland, your talents and your achievements are recognised, and your every contribution is valued. Your team success is your success and vice versa. We believe in team work.

Some facts - Why Work with us?

About Bharti Softland

Started in 2007

10 Years & large number of Successful Projects!”
…helping  enterprise to  create application  with robust functionality across the digital value chain. We are expert in RIA ( Rich Internet Applications ). Known as ERP specialist. Feel free to share your idea, our team will blend your idea with technology and our accumulated user statistics to create most effective solution.

High Standard of Ethics and Time Bound Delivery

Professional ethics, high standard of Delivery along with quick response team has made Bharti Softland  as recognised  technologies expert  across the digital value chain.

Culture of discipline is key ingredient of our team

Collaborative innovation, ready to change, on-time delivery and care of our clients are few traits which created this success.

Expert in creating innovative solutions.

We designed more complicated systems like – ERP System. Efficiency Tools like CRM , DMS , LMS Etc,  satellite tracking system through Google map, volatility estimation tool for derivative market, cloud based tools & storage solutions, backups and data migration solutions. We are now expert in Statistical, Mathematical and Stochastic solutions.

Authorised Software Vendor - Ministry of Defence ( DRDO )

We have been working for Ministry of Defence , DDA ,  NDMC - Delhi along with other corporate for applications, solutions, web security  and Tools of Productivity.

Our Trait

We will help you to learn, earn and enjoy working with us . You will work with us in a collaborative environment to create customized solutions across the digital value chain.

We have openings for Developers ( PYTHON, CAKE, XML, .NET ) , ERP Specialist ( ODOO ) , UI & UX Designer, Global Sales and Marketing Professional. 

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

We Have immediate requirements.

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Working with us

Bharti Softlands' success has always come from a strong belief in the value of its employees and its dedication to their career satisfaction and well-being. Despite being a small company, BSL staff members enjoy an array of benefits and incentives that rival those of many larger corporations.

 Our commitment to attracting and retaining local staff members has translated into an innovative and generous array of employee benefits – many of which serve to provide peace of mind in addition to financial compensation to our employees. Our company slogan – “perfection by collaborative innovation” speaks to our pride in and devotion to the people that make our company flourish. 

Health and Wellbeing

We believe that a healthy body is the best indicator of a healthy mind. Our company-wide Healthy Mind in Healthy Body initiative helps keep us all fit - and more importantly, helps keep us that way. We want to be the best that we can be - we believe that this is the only way that Bharti Softland can be its best as an organization.

Interactive sessions with experts on cardiology, ergonomics, nutrition, and lifestyle keep you up to date with health- and energy-boosting trends and techniques. Interest groups include music clubs, trekking clubs, and hobby clubs that broaden your outlook and fulfil your need for a life that isn’t all work and no play.

Learning and Development


Our approach to learning, as in everything else, is practitioner-led. Bharti Softland team are tutored and mentored by some of the finest experts in the industry. We provide ample opportunities for learning and growth. Learning at Bharti Softland is learner-centric, aligned to business goals and customer needs. We identify emerging technologies and methodologies through diligent partner programs which we then adopt using a combination of skill acquisition, skill partnering, and re-skilling initiatives.