Business and life after COVID-19

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Our Research Team headed by our CEO - Alok Bharti  predicted that after the corona virus global pandemic, world will not be the same.


Business and life after COVID-19 ( 5th MARCH 2020 )


How our mindset about our work and life  is going to  change? How the way of doing business is going to change? How our socio-economic scenario will change? How about national or international politics? Is it the end of business travel and conferences? Will work from home will be a new reality? Will OK2GO will be the new normal for international travel? How we regard our privacy? Will cyberspace is the new normal for the future of work, play and everything in between? 


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Everything that could move online will move online

Education, health, shopping and entertainment will become more virtual. Collaborative tools will be cheaper, faster and with better quality. There will be better UX for conference calls, frictionless, distraction-free remote team collaboration. Thee will be better online learning techniques and tools like ZOOM will get more popularity.

Future of Work @HOME

Work from home will be new normal. People will look for  dedicated home office space, maybe sound-proof, maybe  with separate entrance.  Productivity will  be more important than just to sit on the laptop  with internet connectivity. You will be more accountable. Home will be more empowered with  platforms to connect, router, secure network  and smart tools.

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Business Travel and Conferences will lose it's cool

Companies will re-examine their employee's flying habits. Company and government  will discourage  to fly halfway across the earth for two days conference or work. Business Travel will not be an engine of commerce. In-person experience for all meetings will lose its cool.  There may be a global agreement on the pre-screening of travellers by their home country. However,  OK2GO will be standard flying norms. 

We are going to face a serious recession.

The economics of collapse is fairly straightforward. Businesses exist to make a profit. If they can’t produce, they can’t sell things. This means they won’t make profits, which means they are less able to employ you.  Business will keep their employee for a short period time. But, if things start to look really bad, then they won’t keep them.

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AI and Robotics will play a greater role

Efforts have been  intensified to harness AI technologies to discover new drugs – either vaccine or treatment. AI is proving a useful tool for dramatically reducing the time needed to identify potential drug candidates, possibly saving years of research. Companies will go for plans to speed its adoption of AI and machine learning in a vast area of business. Note that a robot will not be ill. A variety of healthcare functions have already started to be performed by robots, from diagnosis to temperature monitoring. 

Ubiquitous health screening - a new normal

Now each of us will be regarded as a threat  and every one of us will be treated the same. To enter any building or space, just a taking flight to another  country, people will be  required by law to go through  automatic health  scan and can be turned away if they fail.  OK2GO  advanced AI-based clearance system linked with standard monitoring system  will be a new normal. 

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The Birth of the Clean Regime 

People, communities, societies  and government  will become more responsive towards cleaning due to fear of another pandemic. Government budget  and strategies will focus on societal cleanliness as a matter of public health. Diligent, humanity  driven hygiene  practices will become an essential element of our daily routines and a crucial requirement of combating the threat of future outbreaks. 

Earth  and the environment will get a chance

The coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to stop exceeding the planet’s limits. Like COVID-19, climate change, biodiversity loss, and financial collapses do not observe national or even physical borders. Rather than simply reacting to disasters, we can use  science to design economies that will mitigate the threats of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pandemics.  We must start investing in what matters, by laying the foundation for a green, circular economy that is anchored in nature-based solutions and geared toward the public good.

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Privacy takes back seat

Governments around the world began instituting health monitoring policies, leveraging GPS and other data on phones and watches and fitness band to halt the spread of the coronavirus. The long-term implications of a permanent surveillance infrastructure became apparent. COVID-19 crisis, surveillance sounded sensible, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In a post- virus age, are we finally going to see the true death of privacy?

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