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TOP  20 ERP Implementation Specialist  on  ODOO Platform by CIO Magazine ( 2018 )

 ODOO is a comprehensive suite and took functionality to next level of ERP.  Not only it is possesses Enterprise ERP capabilities, but it has much more to offer apart from Enterprise Resource Planning functionalities. 

Simplifying & Accelerating Business through Technology   



Business and life after COVID-19





Bharti Softland's Technology Research Lab

How our mindset about our work and life is going to change? How the way of doing business is going to change? How our socio-economic scenario will change? How about national or international politics? Is it the end of business travel and conferences? Will work from home will be a new reality? Will OK2GO will be the new normal for international travel? How we regard our privacy ? Will cyberspace is the new normal for the future of work, play and everything in between?

IRIVOS ERP, ODOO Environment-as -a-service

( Manage your business  more effectively, Team, Process, Security,  and Efficiency)

IRIVOS  ERP Environment-As-A-Service offering, organization to  adopt ERP on a public cloud at a significant low cost. 

It is powered by ready environments that can quickly be deployed. 

IRIVOS ERP Provides secure and highly available ERP environments through our deep knowledge and expertise in Odoo ERP and cloud management services

We deliver business-enabling solutions that are quick to deploy across core enterprise processes such as finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain, sales, and distribution.

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IRIVOS ERP, ODOO Environment-as -a-service.

As more organisations move to remote working, it  can be challenging for workers to be productive and keep team, work, process, projects, data, information sync. Allow us to make your company a better place. Adopt ERP on a public cloud at a significant low cost. ODOO has 4+ million user base.

Bharti Softland  combines industry expertise with tech genius to create new transformed  business

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 Improve efficiency & effectiveness by 200%

Some of the Ideas we want to share with you for business transformation are as follows: We have researched the concept of Brian Tracy , Alec Mackenzie , Stephan Covy and few more to give a better time and efficiency management for your Marketing and Sales team , Account Team , operation team along with complete work and Progress management solution to Team, Team Heads , Group heads and Business heads.

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Why Use Bharti Softland INDUSTRY 4.0 ERP ?

At Bharti Softland, we specialize in taking your business process to next level by leveraging the latest technologies to improve and highlight your bottom-line. 

We have been successful till date because our organisation is crated and based on one small idea – " Simplifying & Accelerating Business Through Technology  " .  We have build a team and culture around this idea. This idea has been well communicated not only to our team but also to our customers. This is the reason we are able to deliver near-ideal customer experience. We constantly evaluate our progress and people against our idea and thus created a shared vison of growth of our organisation.   

Our services excel at developing your industry specificsolution  and help you manage  yourbusiness  better - keeping your customer / clients, colleagues and your needs and requirements fulfilled at the same time. By blending usability  with effectiveness, we create solutions which are just customized to fit your needs. With over 10 years of statistics and experience, we bring to you a model to facilitate success and achieve goals, creating more accurate solutions so that your end results are highlighted and profitable..

We have openings for Developers ( PYTHON, CAKE, XML, .NET ) , ERP Functional Consultant ODOO, ODOO ERP  Developers   UI & UX Designer, Global Sales and Marketing Professional.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Join our Training & Development Sessions on Various Topics 

These are  Knowledge Enhancement program to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your organisation through tools of productivity. 

A Tailored Cloud Solutions for Accelerated Business Transformation

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A 365 Degree Approach for Cloud Implementation Road-map

A Right Cloud strategy and digital   success goes hand in hand

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Our Core Strength

Personal integrity, quality, agility and collaborative innovations are our strength. Read some of our core strengths below

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We use collaborative innovation as the key to generate ideas & solutions and use them to implement various strategies

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Our services are flexible enough to incorporate continuous minor modifications, as and when needed, in your project. We understand and work as per the dynamic nature of development.

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Technology Ahead

We continuously focus and implement the right technology for our agents and operators. Our growth is static as we keep on upgrading our latest technology applications.

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Not only are our products and solutions efficient, but they help in making your business more effective. It is not just about doing things right, it’s more about doing right things for right clients.

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 Our services also strive to give you the value for money. Value innovation is the key to our solutions and products.

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Time Bound Delivery

With our on-time delivery and high work standard, we bring about guaranteed success to your venture. We work on time-value for money principle.